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Oh hello! My name is Nate Prescott, and I live in Chicago with a couple of goofball dogs and 120 houseplants.

Maybe you’re here because you’re curious about the time I rode my bicycle from Alaska to Chile. You can learn more about that here.

Or, maybe my resume found its way to your desk, and you want to learn a bit more about this person you’re considering hiring. In that case, please, make yourself at home. Coffee, tea, beer, water?

This site is a record of my thoughts, feelings, passions, and interests. If you spend time poking around, you will learn that I care deeply about Chicago, its future, and the environment.

You’ll notice that I have a soft spot for animals, too. Both of our dogs are adopted from shelters, and we love them deeply, even if they’re total freaks.

You’ll see that I love to garden. I got my green thumb from my mom, and I’ve been thrilled to have a backyard (and more indoor space) ever since moving back to Chicago from NYC.

What else? I love to camp and hike, so I write about that.

I love to read, so I write about that, mostly so I can more easily remember what I liked about each book (and, just as important - what I didn’t).

I write about my time spent volunteering around Chicago.

I write about bike trips - both solo and with friends.

And I’ll write about whatever else comes to mind. If you’re so inclined, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s chat: prescott.nate@gmail.com.