I suppose I must start somewhere.

What do people blog about? What do "bloggers" write that appeals to others? Am I a blogger now?

I'm having the toughest time coming up with a focus for this page. In the broadest sense, I am having a hard time coming up with a focus for my life. That's hardly an interesting thought, though.

 I consider myself a relatively quiet person, and living on a bike provides me more than ample time to spend alone with my thoughts. But pouring those thoughts out for others to consume doesn't seem cathartic to me; it just seems a bit vain. And poring over and filtering those thoughts into a discernible, focused compendium seems a tall order. It's a task I've tumbled with internally many times.

I like writing, but I've never written openly. I think thoughts, but I hesitate to share them publicly. Yet I know I'll appreciate this effort once it comes together; once it morphs into whatever it's to become. If this sounds like I'm convincing myself to commit to this, that's because I am. Each word I type is another step to summitting the peak of reticence I'm willing myself to overcome.

 Alas, here goes; my initial submission to e-vanity.