Day 1 - In Mexico a day early. Surprise!

Mark and I left San Diego mid-morning today. Instead of just the two of us, though, we have joined forces with two radical Canadian dudes - Lee and Michael.

Riding out of large metropolitan areas is never a simple task; we are forced to contend with heavy traffic and maze-like suburbs en route out of every city.

Once free from San Diego’s grasp, however, we found ourselves among spectacular desert landscapes - painted mountains and winding roads and whispy skies.

We also found ourselves facing a fast-setting sun. Slowed by the terrain, we were forced to deter our original plan of biking an extra 5 miles to sleep on the US side of the border - Tecate was only 2 miles away, downhill.

So, here I am, writing from the floor in the hallway of our cheap Mexican hotel, belly full of Tacos and cerveza.

Round 1. Go.