More tacos in La Paz! Taco total: 34

Welp, I’ve certainly spent a long time here in La Paz, Baja Sur. That’s left quite a bit of time to sample the fare from around town. And there are plenty of choices: restaurants, pop-up windows, and taco carts.

I came to this particular taco stand for lunch one day because they had interesting meat choices. I ordered a clam taco, an octopus taco, and two fish tacos (they had sold out of shrimp).

The fish tacos were the same as usual - there’s only so many ways to describe breaded fish. The clam taco was sooo good though. Tender and appropriately “clammy,” it was not over-fried like some of the fish tacos I’ve encountered. I topped it with a bunch of pickled vegetables and a spicy green salsa. Chyea.

The octopus, while unique, was too chewy in the way that stale octopus can be. Imagine overcooked calamari - rubbery and tough. Can’t win em all, but I’ll never complain when I’ve got the opportunity to eat lunch for less than $4.