Taco total: 19

Ah, a long overdue taco tale. Mark and I ate lunch at Taqueria Kassandra about a week ago. Riding in the desert leaves a lot to the imagination, and a hungry mind often resorts to fantasies of the next meal. This place - a tiny taco stand along a desert stretch of Highway 1 - hit the spot.

Types of tacos: 1 steak, 2 fish, 1 shrimp.

Rating: It’s becoming par for the course: the fish tacos were fantastic. Served on a corn tortilla and fried for just the right amount of time, the fish was succulent and flavorful. My favorite part of eating real tacos in Mexico is that everything besides the meat itself is a la carte. You can add as much or as little salsa, lime, lettuce, pico, etc as you want. customizable bites of fish and steak and shrimp… What could be better?

Cost: About 70 pesos for 4 tacos.