This is a page of things I like. It's not in any special order; it's cluttered and unorganized. Maybe I'll see to that some day, but for now, have at it:

I will get chills watching these highlights for as long as I live.

I've been a Hawks fan my entire life. I remember watching Ed Belfour make maybe the greatest glove save of all time when I was 8 and reenacting it on the playground at school; I remember my first game with my dad; I remember the shitty years and the $8 cheapseats with friends; I remember getting my Hawks hat signed by Chris Chelios, Darren Pang, and Pat Foley when I was 10.

And I will always remember the Chicago Blackhawks 2013 season. The streak, the parade of playoff OTs, watching games 2 and 3 from Boston, 17 seconds, and watching Game 6 from the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, just blocks from the United Center. Everything. has been around for a while now, but it's still a stalwart of my late-night internet cruising. A fantastically simple idea, the site's an amalgamation of APIs and Javascipt that brings local live police-scanner radio alongside a curated Soundcloud playlist of ambient tunes and a locally relevant Flickr background image.

It's a hauntingly weird juxtaposition, and I really like falling asleep to it. It sorta makes me feel like a sympathetic alien/voyeur, invisibly winding my way through a slice of surreal humanity. Into it.


Sometimes when I'm biking I think about things like the Voyager mission; it's for sure my favorite space mission. I wonder where it is now. I wonder what it's seeing; how cold it is; if any other life forms have said "what's up" to it yet.

Some of those questions are answered on the mission's official site. As I write this, Voyager 1 is 19,035,341,970 KM away from Earth.

One of my favorite things about the Voyager mission is that it includes what's known as the "Golden Record." This interstellar time-capsule was carefully designed and its contents meticulously selected by a committee chaired by Carl Sagan to attempt to explain the totality of existence on Earth. 

Carl Sagan explains the Voyager mission and its contents with his usual frisson-inducing timbre below:

"Pando" - The world's heaviest known organism.

Live stream from the International Space Station - I could watch this for hours, even though the scenery never really changes.

This man's music. And especially this video, which will probably get removed for copyright infringement (again).