Back in the United States! We said goodbye to our Vancouver friends Natasha and John and crossed the border back to our homeland on the 13th of September. The border-crossing was simple, and we rolled into the small town of Blaine, Washington without much idea of where we would sleep that night. 

A serendipitous stop in front of a small apartment complex led to an offer by a samaritan for a ride in his pickup truck all the way to Bellingham. We accepted and camped in Bellingham for the night. We made it to Seattle the next day.

Our arrival in the Emerald City proved to be a welcome relief. We stayed with one of our best friends - Lizzie - and two more came to town from Chicago to say hey: Kevin and Christina. We spent more than a week relaxing before flying back to Chicago for a two-week hiatus. 

And we returned with even more friends! Sean and Chris came back with us to ride from Seattle to Portland through the Cascade Mountains - including Rainier National Park. Washington was a wonderful mix of great friends, good beer, magnanimous weather, and bold landscapes.